Wuzzam Supa

CEO of The Crayon Case

SOCIALPRENEUR, a word recently discovered, but not new to New Orleans Native Wuzzam Supa. Socialprenueur can be defined as the ability to use current resources to provide a need in one’s community all while making a profit. Supa continues to do this and more, with her fearless clear intent, strong strategy, and the ability to enhance others during her consistent climb to success.

Known for her witty and timely sense of humor, along with her unique, and unconventional Parenting skills. Supa has become a self-made mogul with the never-ending desire to evolve more.

After a video of her teaching her Son, Tre to protect himself from bullying (By “Roasting” or “Ribbing”) went viral, Wuzzam Supa was featured on Vibe, BET, Essence, and Fader to name a few.  R & B Singer Monica, instantly felt a connection, and personally approached her, commending her parenting skills and warm personality.

Once debuting on Kitchen Nightmares (2011) she candidly expressed her views on her then Employer with Chef Gordon Ramsey. She handled his intense critics and personality with ease. This encounter sparked a very popular hashtag #CookingwithSupa where tips and tricks for culinary are shared and expressed.

Having always understood the power and importance of Marketing, Supa has become a virtual mentor to several aspiring Entrepreneurs and businesses. Bonding with Hair care maven Jesseca Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, she quickly began to witness the importance of product inventory, carefully taking notes for her own Business ventures.

Early 2017, Supa became immersed in the world of beauty and makeup. She worked tirelessly to create and birth The Crayon Case.  The Crayon Case, a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world, has taken Social Media by storm. Crayon Cuties are obsessed, crashing sites, and begging for re-launch days after continuous product sell outs.

As if the Makeup industry wasn’t enough, Supa also owns Watch My Smoke Entertainment, where the line up of Artists are exceptionally talented, inimitable and needed in the Entertainment world.

Wuzzam will never conform to anyone’s standard, being unrelenting and determined to be the best at all she accomplishes, while keeping God first always.