Precious avorkliyah


Psychotherapist & Owner of Modern Therapy Now

Precious “The Modern Therapist” Avorkliyah is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and owner of Modern Therapy Now, LLC located in Atlanta, Ga. She is dedicated to supporting individuals and couples in their efforts to achieving emotional awareness and wellness.

Precious has helped individuals, couples and families both young and mature reach a resolve about their past so that they can move forward into their future with joy. Through her clinical services, coaching, writings and motivational speaking she continues to promote healthy minds, healthy hearts, and healthy relationships.

Precious believes the key to becoming the best version of ourselves can be found in the very pain that we try to avoid. Once we confront the pain we can learn to apply mindfulness techniques to keep us rooted in self-awareness and achieve peace. 

The objective isn’t to create a perfect life, it is to create an wellness system that allows us to show up for life inspire of its